Saturday, 13 October 2012

Discover the sunny Apulia,land of the Trulli UNESCO Patrimony site,centuries of history,culture,genuine gastronomy,lovely people,great beaches under the warm Mediterranean sun all year.

Apulia,a sunny region of Southern Italy facing Greece,one of the most omplete regions of Italy,the splendid Adriatic coast,picturesque landscapes,beautiful cities as Bari the lively city so famous for its theatres,for St.Nicholas of Bari asnd its several historical monuments,Lecce named the Florence of Southern Italy,a jewel of Baroque art,the beaches of Gallipoli,Santa Maria di Leuca,the Gargano with Vieste,Rodi Garganico,authentic pearls,The Grotte di Castellana and Alberobello.

Apulia is place of treasure of art an UNESCO patrimony sites and one of these site is,Alberobello  the capital of Trulli this kind of original apulian  marvellous constructions this small town very close to the capital Bari is so famous for this typical houses you can only find here,in this region.

These rock houses,so charming have a very ancient history,the first examples was built over 400 years ago in the Murgie a hilly area packed of olive groves and a Mediterranean flora and vegetation and the Val D´Itiria a fascinating valley divided in the province of Bari,Brindisi and Taranto and very famous during Byzantine and medieval era.

The Trulli are constructions simply wonderful,for the history they have,for the shape so particular you can not find in other part of the world and because you can spend a holiday inside them.In Alberobello the capital of the Trulli you can also enjoy a beautiful and unforgettable Trulli Tour visiting the most ancient and beautiful example of the region.

Trulli are authentic iconic symbol of the region,they are are round houses made of stone circles overlapping with self-supporting dome roof, often embellished with decorative pinnacles,whose shape is inspired by symbolic,mystical and religious stories.UNESCO World Heritage Church Trullo Siamese,you can visit different Trulli of different size also at the interior to learn about this kind of buildings,discovering inside the typical apulian furniture and other charming glimpses of this unique city.

To spend a holiday in a Trullo is an unique experience,I tried it in a Tour Operator educational and honestly it was an experience simply fantastic,firstly because you are living in a building so charming and picturesque ,second because they provide all the best comfort,they are Trulli of different capacity for individuals,couples and families too.Further more you can enjoy all what the area can offer you,a spectacular countryside ,picturesque hills,magnificent landscapes and an excellent gastronomy.

Apulia is a land genuine food and excellent wine with the opportunity to taste the famous as Manduria, ,Malvasia,Primitivo,Squinzano,Rosato del Salento,a wide range of genuine and great food,from the famous Orecchiette Baresi alle Cime di Rapa,the typical  pasta from the Apulian capital to the frittura mista di pesce,a great try of fried fish or Riso al forno another speciality of this region similar a Spanish paella,the Turcinieddi Apulia is also the land of one of the best olive oil in the Mediterranean area. in the area you can also enjoy,the brasciole slices wrapped meat stuffed with cheese, garlic,onion and parsley and the cucuzze a furne"a pie of rice,zucchini,potatoes and baked mussels and enjoy a bottle of a "Rosso Barletta" a great fine wine of the province.

I strongly recommend all to spend all a holiday in Apulia  and choosing a Trullo as accommodation you will live the typical essence of this fantastic region you will never forget.

Francesco Mari