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Ristorante Orti di Leonardo-Milan | Dining in the Orchards of a Genius.

 Ristorante Orti di Leonardo situated the heart of Milan is a fine Milanese restaurant and a  marvellous place for dining in a historic site corresponding  to the former orchards of a genius, the unique and magnificent Leonardo Da Vinci who with his immense eclectic and universal  talent was one of the icons of the Renaissance and highlighted with his presence several years of the artistic life of the second Italian city, a notable stage of his artistic progression before to leave the capital of Lombardy with destination the Royal Court of France.

Located in the street Via Aristide de Togni at the civic number ,6/8 under the vaults of the famous  Palazzo delle Stelline an emblematic and notorious palace currently used as City Congress Centre in a beautiful Renaissance complex consisting in a wide courtyard and fine buildings elevated around a rectangular plan surrounding a charming green space simply its urban position is immediately a superb attraction.

The restaurant is furthermore very close to the emblematic Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. and the famous Cenacolo, that iconic site well know to host one of the great masterpieces of the Master from Tuscany, the famed Last Supper and very close to the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia bearing his name.(If you are interested I wrote a post about that superb exhibition)

 That establishment certainly boasts a superb location including for the very short distance from the majestic Sforza Castle, symbol of the powerful Duchy led in medieval times by the influential families Sforza and Visconti, the lively Corso Magenta and the busy square Piazzale Cadorna,a more than relevant metropolitan hub of the city all sites situated in one of the most distinctive monumental areas of the historic Milanese core.

That corner of the capital of Lombardy is a place where Leonardo loved to take his genial inspirations often walking along its streets and in the site on which was established the current Ristorante Orti di Leonardo well known because it lies in a space which was occupied by a vineyard and some fruit trees,the Orti,the orchards. They were a donation to that great artist by of Ludovico Sforza,Duke and Lord of the major centre of Northern Italy in the late 15th century who also commissioned the genius from Vinci the mentioned Last Supper fresco.

Leonardo and Milan,Milan and Leonardo two words which could be reversed but extremely linked by a sort of eternal and everlasting marriage for those many years spent together protagonists of a period of common history. 

All that happened when that talented master left his beloved Tuscany to reach that stronghold of a noble and influential House who started to call in its court some of the best artists of that time  to embellish a big city with a strong desire to show all its influential power in all its grandeur also in an artistic way.

The presence of that character undoubtedly gave that centre prestige fame,a multitude of superb works,stunning projects about them the first system of distribution of drinkable water in the world in a wide urban area and also the design of the military fortification of Milan one of the most organised  in that period.

Ludovico Sforza well known as Ludovico il Moro Ludovico the Moor for his dark skin wanted the increase the Renaissance artistic patrimony of the Milanese Duchy and he venerated Leonardo as an idol  giving him many responsibilities and authority with the mission to highlight the cultural and artistic local life.

Da Vinci thanks to the multitude of works made for the city received in change the opportunity to enjoy a golden stay and of course several privileges including donations as that place in which he could have his pleasant times of relaxation, meditation and peace delighted by a calm atmosphere and it was the site where is currently situated the previously mentioned Palazzo delle Stelline.

Ristorante Orti di Leonardo  is located in a wing of that distinctive palace that also hosted other important historic Institutions as a former Monastic order who led a famous Convent, a site which since the golden ages of the medieval Milan had an important Ecclesiastic and cultural relevance.

Entering in that establishment the first impact is simply great,the reception is very elegant,bright,welcoming, developed on a large surface immediately transmitting the customers pleasant feelings and sensations of a delighting pleasure walking along a stylish passage leading to the fine halls.

Once left that charming hallway you will notice in a while facing you the beautiful layout of its  interior consisting in a combination of style and class in modern key but at the same time vaguely reminiscent the Florentine and Pisan environments closely related to the Renaissance movement who elevated Leonardo as his major exponent next to Michelangelo and Raphael  with the presence of some architectural marked details including in the tonality of the colours of the entire setting.

The main room is arranged on a long space with light walls and highlighted by an  ample scenic vault  up on the ceiling with a stylish Renaissance chandelier in the centre transmitting a splendid captivating luminosity lighting up the entire setting boasting a clever arrangement of stylish circular and rectangular tables perfectly placed with taste in symmetric lines.

On the the sides established fine wall lights emitting soft rays of luminosity give a a very intimate,charming and veiled chic atmosphere, a very pleasant accent  ideal to sit with pleasure and ready to enjoy an aperitif admiring the lines and spaces greatly studied to develop that very attractive environment.

The private halls established on rectangular plans provide a series of chandeliers offering a very balanced luminous intensity which never disturb the human eye, extremely appropriate to have a dinner without shades or sudden blunders.

One of them  is accessible by an ample captivating arcade as an open doorway with another scenic and refined chandelier with crystal drops in the centre while a further one is visible on a sinuous section of a splendid vault part of the fine light ceiling.

Another lounge  is highlighted by a rectangular entrance surrounded by elegant decorations chosen with taste and light fixtures perfectly and symmetrically established to emit an ideal light perfectly falling on spaces and architectural elements and in the centre of the room  lies a long rectangular table as protagonist of the scene in a layout perfectly assembled taking care all the smallest details.

The light brown floor finds in that tonality a total harmony with the furniture, walls and every element, there are not in all the corners peculiar or unusual reflections or bizarre contrasts and all is perfectly established to offer an enjoyable view of the entire setting set, something which immediately delight the customers.

The fine Haute and Nouvelle cuisine of Ristorante Orti di Leonardo is highlighted by traditional gastronomic influences and at the same time of eclectic refined touches combining flavours, tastes and essences  closely linked to the most typical Italian culinary art with a talented gastronomic research to surprise and delight the most refined palates.

All is prepared in a very meticulous and stylish way,highly appreciated is the presentation of the plates, classic but at the same time with a creative aspect which is certainly another detail more to take in consideration and highly appreciated.

You can have starters extremely selected as a supreme Foie Gras of Duck or as alternative something more linked to fish and seafood as delicious fried red prawns from Sicily with vegetables,a delicious Culatello or cubes of roasted stockfish with puree of Topinambour and black truffle among others.

As main courses or primi piatti you will have an excellent selection as polenta ravioli in a wild boar ragu, a classical plate from Apulia as fresh Orecchiette with scampi seasoned with a turnip greens sauce, Risotto with radicchio and Vezzena cheese or Spaghetti with clams and bottarga and apart all that other delectable delights.

Of excellent quality is the  meat represented by sublime beef fillet or also veal and  lamb plates while for a choice concentrated fish you can have some delicious dishes with protagonists seabass, octopus and much more and all the  wide selection combined with fresh vegetables.

Excellent is also the offer of assorted Italian cheeses and desserts prepared with an accurate style including ice creams and the classical tiramisu are also ready to satisfy the most demanding requests also in terms of sweet specialities.

In addition the list of selected fine wines of different origin and geographic provenience is another highlight enjoying dining in the orchards of a genius which probably inspired that superb restaurant in all the great delights and fine selection it offers.

The high quality of service and excellent attention is another notable detail of the establishment masterly managed by people boasting a very high talent loyal to the finest hospitality code, undoubtedly a great incentive to enjoy a place as Ristorante Orti di Leonardo in which all people is served and advised by an experienced and competent staff suggesting and illustrating the specialities with high professionally, very kind and polite.

That restaurant is very suggested for a lunch immediately after to have a splendid visit admiring in the proximity of that site a masterpiece made by Leonardo as the famous mentioned Last Supper displayed in the famous Cenacolo,combining that with a special meal dedicated to that great Master eating in the place in which were situated his former orchards.

After that if you are a true fan of that great genius you can complete  with the visit of the cited Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci a fantastic exhibition paying homage to of one of the most prominent,eclectic and polyvalent man all time admiring a large part of his scientific studies, projects, experiments,engineering works and all all his iconic draws.

If you opt and choose that restaurant for dining is equally a great idea to live the romantic Milan by night.The beautiful silhouette of the Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie is always charming and captivating day and night and you are very close to the majestic  fortress Castello Sforzesco also offering with its imposing image a notable charm.

Across the pedestrian Via Dante immediately located  facing the main entrance of that superb manor behind Largo Cairoli  square you can reach in a while the emblematic Duomo,the stunning Gothic Cathedral flanked by the impressive Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

The continuation can be furthermore captivating living the vibrant Milanese nightlife with a multitude of opportunities in terms of entertainment and fun,as a night at theatre or other options as a music live show or a cool cocktail in a piano bar or club.The city offers a myriad of places to go and a vast range of things to do.

The Restaurant is perfect and appropriate to organise a dinner or lunch related to a business meeting,a special celebration,ideal for romantic couples who want to enjoy a special site with a historic and artistic aura but also for those who love to be delighted by a fine cuisine.

In addition it is very indicated  for all all people who want to fill a stay during a short break in that Italian city with something of attractive and suggestive linked to the Leonardo name eating out in an area of the city very strategic with the chance to visit many distinctive sites in the historic centre.

It is very easy to reach Ristorante Orti di Leonardo pretty close to the Tube Station Cadorna where you can stop using the Red M1 or Green M2 lines. From there it is a pleasant walk of approximately 750,0 metres and just 150,0 metres from the mentioned Corso Magenta, one block and one street walking along the important street Via Carducci you will be at the door of that place.

Another option is to stop at Tube Station Sant´Ambrogio located on the Geeen 2 line and once there you will be next to the Basilica Pusterla dedicated the Patron Saint of Milan really very close to the restaurant in the case you prefer reach it in a shorter time avoiding a promenade.

If you are planning a trip to Milan and  looking for something unique enjoying to eat out that excellent Ristorante greatly linked to Leonardo da Vinci could be an outstanding and captivating choice dining in the orchards of a genius can be something exciting and captivating in Milan which always has something to offer to every visitor.

Francesco Mari

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