Saturday, 13 October 2012

Class,taste and stylish accomodations in classical charming Villas in Italy.A choice to remember for ever in the albums of your travels for all your life.

 Today in Italy there is increasing interest in a specific kind of tourism that is different from the normal stay in a hotel.There are different kinds of accommodation that are interesting more travellers, one is the Agrutirismi  that several foreign tour operators are starting to know in the recent decade, another very popular recently is the tourism staying in beautiful villas, structures of great charm former buildings of great historical value for different reasons, because they were structures that have hosted celebrities,artists, residences of noble families medieval structures with a highly attractive charm,mansions in Renaissance, Neoclassical,Rococo style and also some renovated in  Art Nouveau or Liberty style as well.

Generally these kind of of structures provide a high level of service that allows a stay of great comfort, spacious rooms with terrace, huge garden with solarium, many have a swimming pool,fully equipped kitchen, an excellent geographical location, but especially this very fascinating accommodations are an incentive for the tourist to enjoy holidays coming back in the luxury of the Renaissance and Belle Epoque era in a splendid atmosphere that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Many Italian regions offer this opportunity today, from Tuscany in general everywhere,Chianti, Siena and Pisa Hills,the countryside of Arezzo, Lucca and Garfagnana,Umbria, Marche, Piedmont, Lombardy, with its lakes, in the Veneto region in the area of Garda,Verona,in the Treviso and Vicenza countryside but also other regions of the South as Apulia, Sicily and Campania are gearing more than good in this new kind of accommodation.

Having stayed in structures of this type, having tried and tested them, I strongly recommend a stay in one of these structures for many reasons.The historical value,the comfort, for the super accessory options that they have, for the picturesque location that these villas have surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes,for the charm they have where you will feel immersed in a magic atmosphere of the past and your stay in a place like these will be one of the most enjoyable page of your memories travel albums.

Francesco Mari