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Malaga | 274,573 Hotel Overnight - Stays Reservations in March 2024


Malaga | 274,573 Hotel Overnight - Stays Reservations in March 2024

Malaga, the beautiful and always sunny Andalusian city, Capital of the Costa del Sol, recorded according to data provided by INE, the National Institute of Statistics which publishes monthly data concerning level of incoming flows, 274,573 overnight -stays hotel reservations in the month of March 2024.

After this analysis, the Hotel Occupancy Survey determined that 55% of the tourists who visited Malaga came from abroad. The most numerous in the order are those coming from  from the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States of America.

Behind these three nations, the French market is the fourth consolidated market with 5,094 bookings, the Italian is the fifth with 5,025 and the Dutch occupies the sixth place with 4,876 Hotel reservations.

A very interesting statistical d anetaild it should be underlined is that tourists from The Netherlands numbered more than 100,000 consolidating the travellers coming from Holland as a very emerging market.

The data is very eloquent, in fact the overnight stays about the Dutch market reached a number of 13,579 overnights, higher than the French one with 10,092 and the Italian with 9,987.

Undoubedtly very comforting and encouraging figures for the city of Andalusia which makes Malaga's tourist operators very optimistic for the rest of spring season and of course pleased for the notable results of this March 2024.

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Desmoskopika Institute Forecast | 65, 8 of Milions Tourists in Italy this Summer 2024

                 Desmoskopika Institute Forecast | 65, 8 Milions of Tourists in Italy this Summer 2024

According to the tourism forecasts provided by Demoskopika Institute, Italian group based in Rome that deals with economic, social research, opinions and market surveys, Italy should obtain excellent results in terms of incoming flows for what concerns 2024 summer season.

This forecast was also published by Ansa, predicting that Italy will host 65.8 million tourists in the summer.

These figures linked to the mentioned forecast reveil that there will be an increase in tourists present on italian soil of + 2.1% and a total of 266 million overnight stays which would mean a + 1.1%  of increase compared to the previous year.

Further details focus on a segmentation, with tourists coming from abroad which according to these surveys should be 35.5 million with a total of overnight stays equivalent to 135.5 million.

These data give a breath of hope to the tourism - hotel industry and to incoming operators in the sector for a summer with pretty positive feelings and sensations.

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Emilia Romagna | Healthy Incoming Tourism | Excellent Growth in the First Quarter of 2024


Emilia Romagna | Healthy Incoming Tourism | Excellent Growth in the First Quarter of 2024

 Incoming Tourism in Emilia Romagna appears to be in excellent health, according to the data reported by the competent statistical bodies, the presence of tourists reaching the IItalian region has increased.

The increment concerns both domestic and from abroad tourism. In the first quarter of 2024 there was an increase of + 9.9% compared to 2023 and a+11.9% more than 2019, undoubtedly very comforting results.

The arrivals on a general level are also very encouraging the percentage indices are equivalent to + 9.3% compared to 2023 while the difference compared to 2019 had an increase of + 5.4%.

The geographical area that has had the greatest incoming flows the Riviera reaching excellent results, occupying a 31.8% of presences and a 27% of arrivals.

Another significant statistical data highlight that foreign tourists increased by +15.5%, a percentage that exceeded the figures for the previous year by + 13.3%.

The cities of Emilia Romagna dedicated to cultural, business and trade tourism occupy a 43.6% of the total and an overall 47.6% in terms of arrivals

The greatest growth in percentage concerning accomodation is that of the Riviera, with overall presences counting both national and international tourists which stands at + 25.1% compared to the year 2023 and + 24,4% more than 2019 while the arrivals indicate an increase equivalent to + 26.5% compared to the previous year.

These positive and encouraging data certainly give a notable breath of optimism for the coming months to the Emilia Romagna region and the local tourism sector.

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