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Milan | 15 Trendy Shopping & Tourist Areas Enjoying the Lombardy Capital.

Milan certainly has the fame and the prestige to be the World Capital of fashion and design,a city which offers undoubtedly the best linked to those industries and very suggested are in a sort of Top 15 trendy shopping & tourist areas enjoying the Lombardy Capital and second Italian city visiting some very trendy places in which if you are planning a visit and a stay related to that destination you can enjoy all that in a very pleasant combination.(If you are interested I worte a post about the city)

Sometimes in a trip could be very interesting to visit a museum,a historic Church,a superb monumental attraction and in the meantime if you are fond about the most fashionable and trendy brands there is obviously the chance taking home some exclusive articles,a perfect plan which is definitely a splendid occasion two link those two great activities.

1) Via Montenapoleone (Tube Station : Via Montenapoleone) I wrote a specific post about that iconic street situated at just 10 Minutes walking from the emblematic and central Piazza Duomo that splendid wide square core of Milan highlighted by the superb presence of the majestic Gothic Cathedral called as confirms the denomination of that urban point "Duomo" which lies in one of the most characterful corners of the Milanese metropolis flanked by the elegant and impressive Galleria Vittorio Emanuele that impressive and sumptuous 19th century gallery packed under its magnificent arcades by distinguished cafes,restaurants and shops.

Walking along the pedestrian Corso Vittorio Emanuele avenue once you are next to the busy and lively Piazza San Babila you will find that Queen of the Milan Fashion & Shopping Streets,the famed and also glamorous Via Montenapoleone.

For length,quality,quantity with all the most important Ateliers and Top Shops of the most renowned and iconic International Prêt-à- porter and High Fashion,that artery is undoubtedly an emblematic symbol of Milan which has elevated its glorious name also thanks to that place.

Several times protagonist in Cinema,gossip scoops and frequented by distinguished VIPs,stars of the cinema,footballers,models but also by curious and ordinary people,locals always searching the most new fashionable trends that street offers all that and more.

Via Montenapoleone is the classic and eclectic street in which the last article or creation by the most prestigious fashion designers is always and immediately displayed  in its stunning windows with immediately the most outstanding visibility and all the best is every time in pole position.

That distinctive sort of living fashion path is a sort of  Prêt â porter Empire placed along a straight in which you will find everything regarding Armani,Versace,Valentino,Prada,Yves Saint Laurent,Lous Vuitton,Chanel and all the elite of the international top class designers is represented there in the best way.

You can consider it just like an urban Defilé a catwalk of  ...shops in which the Haute Couture is the main protagonist day and night and simply walking along it you will breathe a special atmosphere so suggestive starting from the first shop and reading the name of that street on the wall in a corner.

Very suggested to visit at Christmas time a special  period in which Via Montenapoleone is transformed in an authentic Urban Luxury Lounge with red carpets on its sides,shining lights illuminating metre by metre  that fashionable scenery and small Christmas trees on the doors of the shops as welcoming you and inviting you to come in,charming decorations completing the set and captivating details at the entrance of the elegant old palaces,all that along a street which is always glamorous and attractive all year.

Very recommended for all people who is searching classic but also sportswear articles,trendy accessories for a gala event,renowned perfumes,the best brands in terms of watches,stylish handbags,classy tailleur,large collections of men´s tiles and suits and the latest proposals for women and men clothes.

That street is one of the landmarks of that notorious "Milano da bere"(Milan to drink) a phrase composed decades ago to delight and taste the city in all its aspects,visited by designers of other countries to check not only the multitude of new attractive trends but also to rake a look for the layout and arrangement of its creative windows.

Some years and in particular in the year 90s,some Japanese Tourist Organisation and Tour Operators in occasion of the World Cup of football celebrated in Italy with Milan as seat of some matches that iconic streets was inserted in a sort of package World Cup & Fashion with success,the tourist had the chance before of the events to enjoy a guided tour of some hours along Via Montenapoleone,a way to fill the stay of those Far East tourists with something of original and highly appreciated.

That famed fascinating hallway was also protagonist of a movie with title with the same name and often presents as symbol on promotion and special introduction of Milan in fashion fairs and not only.

2) Via della Spiga (Tube Station : Via Montenapoleone)-Considered by many people as the twin little Sister of  Via Montenapo as the Milanese calls Via Montenapoleone.That street is a little reign of of luxury and divine Haute Couture and the magnificent windows of its shops in many occasions were awarded as the most spectacular in the world.

The mentioned nickname "little sister" is simply for its length due it is  much shorter of that nearest artery but equally full of the best range of the latest clothes and accessories every people fond about shopping can find along it.

Via della Spiga is a mixture of the most divine Prêt â porter and its more than captivating windows simply stunning for creativity and taste in their layouts and meticulous details are certainly a superb representation and presentation of its more than trendy soul and image offering the best in theme of High Fashion.

Considered by someone chic,sophisticated but at the same time rich of high class,every minimum detail of those distinctive windows is appropriately studied to capture immediately the attention delighting the human eye at first sight.There is always in every tiny corner something to notice so full of charm and it is not a case that some French Designers called it "la Rue Charmante" and probably or better without that word probably Via della Spiga is an absolute in its kind a hymn and symbol to the most captivating Fashion Planet.

Apart the best and most exclusive brands just like Via Montenapoleone,a great highlight is the presence of shops providing the most splendid accessories by Armani and Bvlgari and it is also the special street of Dolce & Gabbana with the creativity of those two Designers who conquer the world with their vast range of eclectic and fne articles,from clothes to glasses,casual and elegant suits and dresses.

Via della Spiga is also represented by the classic elegance by Cerutti,the Milanese stylish class by Prada and the talented and innovative lines by the Florentine Designer Roberto Cavalli with his ample repertory of innovative proposals.

That artery also boasts the presence of the superlative Swiss Jewelry Chopard and the refined ans always appreciated brands by Krizia and Rocco Barocco.That fashionable Milan´s artery is also particularly suggested for who has the desire and taste to search and find something very particular for a special occasion wearing something extremely trendy.

That splendid paved street is flanked by beautiful elegant buildings some of them dated the 18th and 19th century with some classy courtyards,splendid arcades and captivating wooden doors which all together are great architectonic details which gives it a more than captivating special atmosphere and furthermore located at a very short distance from Palazzo del Senato (Senate Palace),Brera Distric,the quarter of the artists with all its emblematic historic and artistic attractions.(I wrote a post about that place if you are interested)
3) Via Sant´Andrea (Tube Station- Via Montenapoleone).It is the third little "Sister"due to its just 150,0 metres in lenght  but despite that the street it is a wonderful walk of luxury,style,class highlighted by a large quantity and quality of fine articles by the most celebrated High Couture you can find in that short metropolitan stretch.

Via Sant´Andrea is a sort of paradise for all people who loves the elegance represented by the stylish lines  by Missoni and Ferré,the genius of of the always creative Moschino,the selected colours and eclecticism by Miu Miu and Chanel and it also the iconic place of the eternal marvels created by Trussardi.

Highlighted by the always"avant´garde" articles and accessories by Kenzo and the magnificent and classy  trends by Hermés,that street is also one of the favourite and extremely loved by Japanese tourists.As previously mentioned in occasion of the World Cup 1990,Via San Sant´Andrea was combined with Via Napoleone in that fashion circuit or mini tour in a stay which had the motto Milan art & Fashion and one of  the inspirations was originated by that street.

What the Japanese people found so interesting,attractive and great also for their special spots and promotion was that kind of street not very long but so elegant and rich of famous brands in a very limited space in the heart of Milan flanked by stylish and elegant buildings and all that impressed so much the organisers of such proposals permitting in a very limited space without sort of urban marathons to reach different shops and those cited 150,0 metres of longitude represented something of simple unique offering the chance to visit an ample variety of shops.

Someone said that for the numerous and attractive shops it seems longer than it is in reality because it is a must to stop every window..The locals and who is often in Milan loves so much Via Sant´Andrea  for the everlasting creativity of its windows which daily show something different about High Fashion.

For all that the 3rd sister is considered so special.It represents in its kind an emblematic image of class and charm where the the protagonist is the most acclaimed Prêt-à-porter of Milan is absolute protagonist in a very reduced space.

Very close to the previous streets,Via Sant´Andrea is located at a very short distance from Piazza San Babila as a splendid short hallway where you can admire some of the modern and contemporary buildings  of the city such as the Torre Viscosa which has the title of first skyscraper of the city but also Palazzo Toro hosting the Teatro Nuovo considered in its kind one of the most multipurpose constructions of the late 30s. Furthermore you can also have the chance on that square to see another iconic building of the same period consisting in the Palazzo della Banca Popolare di Milano hosting one of the most famous Bank Institutions of the city.

 4) Via Borgospesso (Tube Station : Via Montenapoleone) That street is strongly linked to the characterful figure of Gianni Versace the unforgettable Designer from Calabria,an iconic figure of the International High Fashion who dresses with his magnificent clothing VIPs such as Madonna,Sting and Lady Diana among others.

That famed  Designer with the sister Donatella established in that Milanese point,the iconic Versace Home Division but not only that famed name is presents in Via Borgospesso.That place is also home of the classic and refined lines and proposals by Laura Biagiotti,the creative accessories by Pfister and other famous fashion characters considered in a period "L´Avant Garde" of the Prêt-á-porter such as Pinco Pallino,Cyrus & Company among others.

Via Borgospesso is particularly loved by several ladies who find there some of the best and trendy handbags,several stylish accessories ideal for special occasions as gala dinners and particular events.Situated very close to Via Senato,Corso Venezia and Via Palestro that area offers a mix of architectonic attractions as contemporary buildings but combined with some others dating back the 19th century in an area which historically was also one of the points so close to the walls of the old Mediolanum founded by the Romans.

5) Via  Gesù (Tube Station : Via Montenpaleone).An outstanding Milanese street and right place to find the most  trendy perfumes and eau de toilette and one  name : Acqua di Parma,that brand with which with no doubt with its fragrance.fine essences and combined to its range of accessories has conquered a vast number of fans.

Via Gesù is furthermore a great place if you are interested to find something special for your feet thanks to the presence of excellent shops which offers the prestigious shoes by Santoni and Lattanzi but also during a walk along it charming articles by Cashmere by Doriani and a very high quality of leather represented in articles by Serapian.
That place is certainly an ideal place to find the best about High Fashion walking next to charming Milanese aristocratic buildings which characterised the area in particular in the late 19th century in one of the most lively urban spaces of that time and highlighted by the proximity of the famous Museum Bagatti Valsecchi which worth a visit for the relevant renaissance and antique objects displayed in its outstanding rooms.

6) Via Manzoni (Tube Station : Via Montenapoleone).That emblematic street located in front the Tube Station  Montenapoleone and directly leading from one side to Piazza della Scala (Scala Opera Theatre square) is a stunning artery on which you can admire the other gate of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the majestic Palazzo Marino,the Milan Town Hall.

That hallway is a paradise for who wants to find something classic,elegant and at the same time pretty special to adorn and decorate your home.In Via Manzoni for all that you will find Armani Casa if you need a lamp,some furniture or linen,griffed by the genius designer from Piacenza the "Re Giorgio"(The King nickname of Giorgio Armani) as is well known with that title.

Not only Armani along that splendid street anyway,there are other shops as Elisabetta Franchi with her fine products and articles consisting in elegant dresses,shoes and handbags but furthermore Les Copains and Napapjri with their always interesting articles and next to them other offering the most relevant range of jewelry,small accessories and trendy watches.

The street also hosts shops of elegant sportswear and at the same time stylish articles by Mila Schön who is so famous to have dressed distinguished figure such as Jackeline Kennedy Onassis and Agnelli Family among others.In addition you will find along Via Manzoni many other designer shops such as Paul Smith, Patrizia Pepe and Pal Zileri among others.

Via Manzoni is also famous to host on its surface  historic buildings of Milan such as Palazzo Gallarati the emblematic Caffé dell´Opera and the Museo Poldi Pezzoli a Museum which is one of the most prestigious and important private exhibitions in Italy officially opened in the year 1881 and displaying superb masterpieces by magnificent masters such as Michelangelo,Canaletto,Cranach,Botticelli,Pinturicchio and Mantegna among others.

7) Via Verri (Tube Station : San Babila) Via Pietro Verri is one the stylish streets of foreign designers such as Burberry,Tom Ford,Jil Sander,Alexander Mc Queen and The Tumi Store that last shop very famous for Travel Accessories with trendy and modern items but also sensistive to the revival with several inspiration related to the design of the 20s and 30s for who loves those nostalgic times.

That splendid urban corridor is one of that kind of streets indicated for who is looking for something alternative keeping elegance and style at the same time.Ideal place for women looking for some of the most classy lingerie products linked to the most fashionable Parisian and Italian style,modern and 70s style as well but also for men who loves to wear something of sporting and stylish but with a touch of extremely casual in other specific range of lines.

Via Manzoni is very close and also Via Sant´Andrea and going towards Corso Matteotti you will reach in just 10 minutes walking the monumental Piazza Duomo.Located in a strategic corner of the old Milan with in its surroundings several cafes and bars highlighted by the presence of captivating buildings and palaces erected in the 19th century and some others well preserved of previously erected than the Hapsburg rule in the city.

8) Via Santo Spirito (Tube Station : Via Montenapoleone).That charming street is situated just between Via Borgospesso and Via Gesú and it offers a wide range of different shops such as Stella McCartney, Malloni,Lanvin,Alessandrini and Vhernier among others.

Via Santo Spirito offers a vast scenery of articles for several tastes and an ample variety of choice for different people.That street is particularly visited by who is looking for particular objects such as refined crystals, glasses or also linens and for who loves new ideas of combinations for interior decorations.

That small street is considered a little of paradise for all people who loves articles of great design and some people calls it a "small corner of eclectic creativity"for all that it displays in its very captivating shops.

9) Corso Buenos Aires (Tube Station : San Babila).With its over 360 Shops,Corso Buenos Aires is a big and long mosaic of Haute Couture,Casual and Sportswear clothes with also the presence of something of highly curious and peculiar but attractive in its kind.

There are along that straight and impressive artery many shops selling brands for every taste and preference such as Nara,Calestani,Mandarine Duck,Bata,Puma but also other important brands such as Guess,Tommy Hilfiger,Luisa Spagnoli and Phard among others.If you want to stay close to the most exclusive streets mentioned above and to find something cheaper Corso Buenos Aires is definitely the right place for you.

That avenue is a place in which you can find everything crossing the historic area corresponding to the Giardini Pubblici (The Public Gardens) one of the green lung of the city and the bastions of Porta Venezia part of the historic walled gates of the old Milan.Approximately 1,3 kilometres long Corso Buenos Aires links Piazza San Babila next to Via Montenapoleone to Lima the tube Station not far the elegant areas of Loreto and Via Vitruvio.

Much more affordable of the other streets mentioned before along that Milanese boulevard you can find excellent products,such as jackets, hats,shoes, lingerie,ties,shirts,shoes,bags,gala and also rock accessories.

9) Corso Vittorio Emanuele & Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (Tube Station : Duomo).The legendary and majestic Gallery and the adjacent Boulevard (Corso) with the same name together are considered the "Salotto"(the lounge) of Milan.

That splendid covered charming space links the superb Piazza Duomo to Piazza della Scala the great Theatre of Milan so famous worldwide to be one of the symbols of the International Opera and its highlighted by its sumptuous arcades and glass domed roof with  elegant,fine cafes and restaurants such as the glorious and famed Savini and Biffi part of the history of the city.

That stunning site hosts superb shops such as Prada,Bernasconi,Spagnoli,Borsalino,Brics,Svarowski all brands displayed in wonderful windows which immediately capture the attention of everyone and in addition the excellent opportunity to find renowned art and antique shops which is certainly another chance if you are looking something of sinply considerable if you love that kind of articles.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele is the avenue flanking on one side the Duomo and it is a long pedestrian promenade packed by cafes,bars and cinemas.There you can find more affordable shops such as Sisley,Zara which offers a large variety of clothes but also the most varied choice of other specific lines such as Guess, H&M,Sergio Tacchini, Calzedonia,Footlocker Breil and Swatch.

Furthermore you can visit  La Rinascente,a famous and complete shopping centre in which you can have an ample choice about clothes,bags, leather articles and fashionable accessories made by the most prestigious Haute Couture designers..

10) Corso Como (Tube Station : Garibaldi F.S).Emblematic and glamorous boulevard of Milan in the last decades.That street runs in front of the busy Railway Station Porta Garibaldi between the streets Via Melchiorre Gioia and Via Pasubio.

The fame of that avenue is also highlighted by the presence of the famous Disco Club Hollywood meeting point of important footballers,models,designers,showmen and artists,a place which reached in recent times to be also favourite destination for paparazzi and reporters always looking for a scoop or a sensational gossip service due to obviously the presence of VIPs and all those mentioned people so famous and notorious.

Corso Como became a very trendy street for shopping as well since the 90s and there you can find the latest design articles in terms of scarves,textile products but also a stylish griffed glasses,clothes and special accessories to combine with a dress or suit.

Along that pretty long boulevard you can find many fashionable and avant garde shops represented by Pinko,Whos Who,Alain Mikili,10,Anteprima and Telerio and the last generations of the city have in that street a reference to find often what they need with a superb choice which attract more and more people.

Corso Como is also the right place to visit a corner of Milan highlighted by the Cimitero Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery) with its situated at a very short distance from that avenue.It is masteripece by the architect Carlo Maciachini a talented man from Induno Olona in proximity of Varese who developed that space with structures erected in a very creative way linking Gothic,Romanesque and Byzantine architectonic styles developing something of unique in its kind.

In that place were buried famous characters such as the composer Giuseppe Verdi and the writers Alessandro Manzoni and Carlo Cattaneo among others.

11) Corso Vercelli (Tube Station : Pagano) Close to Parco Pallavicino (Pallavicino Park) that Milanese avenue is not far from Sant´Ambrogio (St.Ambrose area),where you can visit the spectacular Basilica dedicated to St.Ambrose the Patron of the city,Leonardo Da Vinci Museum ( I wrote a post if you are interested) and Santa Maria delle Grazie Church with the Last Supper the masterpiece by the famous Tuscan artist.

Corso Vercelli is an artery rich of shops offering several articles and different kind of clothes,such as Jeans and casual lines, but also a varied choice of accessories,watches and sporting garments.

You can find along that boulevard shops as Lacoste,Hogan,Swatch,Calzedonia,Sisley,Max & Co but also others as Cartier,Breil,jewelry and old silver shops.That iconic Milanese avenue is one of the favourite streets for people who wants in an afternoon to look and check some trendy articles with the chance to visit several and different points and to find something of trendy and cheaper than the area around Via Montenapoleone.

12) Via Solferino (Tube Station : Moscova) .Very trendy street and considered a sort of magic place to find excellent leather,shoes,bags and much more.Via Solferino is particularly loved to all people who love to see original things with shops which offer windows very innovative in a very short space of time displaying new trends but at the same time finding some others pretty classic.

Along that street you can find  many interesting articles of excellent brands such as Spalding & Bros,Pierre Mantoux,So Far so Near and Controbuffet among others.The great trendy design of the choice represented is the right spot of that charming street you can not miss in a shopping walk when you are in Milan.

Located in the old Milan not far from the emblematic and majestic Sforza Castle,a short walk from Piazza Duomo and close to the lively and trendy district of Brera.

13) Via Brera (Tube Station : Cairoli or in alternative Montenapoleone) Historic and emblematic street,the core of the Art district of Milan,with the stunning presence Academy of Fine Arts and Pinacoteca.

Via Brera is an excellent urban point of the the city so suitable for all people who wants to find something really great about antiques,art and furniture but also perfumes,accessories and vintage articles by Chanel,Dior,Cavalli & Nastri who all with their captivating articles have conquered the globe.

The street apart its unique fascination is also very recommended for who wants to find find very important brands such as Naj Oleari,Alcozer & J Bijoux and furthermore brilliant beauty shops as The Body Shop and Bottega Verde.Apart shopping  have a coffee,a brunch,an aperitif at Café Art or at Jamaica two mandatories when you are walking along that very distinctive street.

14) Corso Venezia (Tube Station : Palestro) Beautiful avenue with the chance to enjoy shopping of quality with the presence of.Prada,Dolce & Gabbana,Borsalino,Mila Schön and Pinko among others.

That splendid and large Avenue close to Via Palestro and leading to Piazza San Babila is a mecca for all people who wants to find something outside the legendary "Quadrilatero della Moda" including for people who wants to continue to check other shops of the most important fashion designers in a different place and a great place to find excellent accessories and sunglasses,

That boulevard is pretty special also because it is a walk between fashion and art and along it you can can admire Liberty,Neoclassic Modern and Art Nouveau buildings of immense fascination.The proximity of Villa Reale is another incentive to combine culture and shopping.

15) Via Torino (Tube Station : Duomo) That notorious avenue starting from a corner of Piazza Duomo flanked by old historic buildings and leading to historic monuments such as the wonderful Basilica of San Lorenzo,Porta Ticinese one of the oldest gates of the city and the iconic San Lorenzo Columns.

Via Torino is a long artery packed by good shops,ideal to find something not too expensive in terms of Sportswear clothes,accessories,antique and perfumes.Often along that artery you can find many interesting stylish things of good design and it is a place for all in particular frequented by young people but also by tourists going to visit those monuments mentioned before.

I hope these information will be useful for a trip to Milan with a combination of tourism and shopping.The list of streets and areas in the Lombardy Capital is so long but if you are fond about those activities that splendid Italian centre so famed and prestigious has an endless number of superb things more but certainly something tas that to link those two activities will be a brilliant experience for a pleasant stay enjoying that city in all its essence also in that way.

Francesco Mari

Swiss Winter Sport Resorts - Top 20 places.

Switzerland is a small country but a big Paradise to enjoy Ski and other Winter Sports,or simply spending unforgettable holidays on the snow. Here my Top 20.Leave your opinion Top and I will be very glad to share your tastes and opinions.

1) Sankt Moritz
2) Verbier
3) Wengen
4) Zermatt
5) Arosa
6) Grindenwald
7) Crans Montana
8) Adelboden
9) Engelberg
10) Veysonnaz
11) Davos
12) Lenzerheide
13) Gstaad
14) Interlaken
15) Laax
16) San Bernardino
17) Andermatt
18) Saas Fee
19) Brig
20)  Pontresina

Francesco Mari

Lake Como - Some Suggestions about Places to Visit on this Magnificent Lake.

Lake Como is a destination you have to try once in your life.Today I would like to suggest some places to visit,(I do not mention the city of Como I wrote a Blog) Here a list about some places you can really enjoy in a tour in a holiday on this splendid Lake and I suggest you.

1) Bellagio- The Diamond of the Lake,picturesque position on a magnificent promontory,the wonderful Villas Serbelloni and Villa Melzi,a romantic promenade facing all the coast of Menaggio and Tremezzo,its narrow streets,steps and the medieval Church of S.Giacomo.Bellagio is simply unique.Bellagio is something simply enchanting,nobody can not resist to the charm of this town on the shore of the lake,a sunset next to the pier looking at the arm of the Lario and the splendid Villa Carlotta of Tremezzo in front of this amazing place is absolyely unforgettable.Bellagio is also a great start to climb,the Ghisallo,the temple of the cyclists
and emblematic symbol of the Giro di Lombardia,one of the Classic Race in the cycling history and where you can visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ghisallo and a museum dedicated to this popular sport.

2) Varenna -If Bellagio is the Diamond,Varenna is the pearl of Lake Como.Varenna has something in common with its beautiful sisters,the splendid Villas Isimbrandi,Monastero and the Hotel Villa Cipressi,its picturesque alleys,the great view of the Grigne mountains and the image of the Castle of Vezio dominating the town.Varenna is a mix of Lake and mountains with the great excursion to the Monte Esino and do not miss to take a look to Fiumelatte (Milk River) the cascades of this river with several jumps. have a white colour,absolutely spectacular.Varenna is really a jewel,the most beautiful things of Varenna is all the natural
environment of mountains,hills,spectacular vegetation,panoramic views,majestic and elegant villas,medieval buildings,all mixed,all ,melted,this is the secret of Varenna,it is like a miracle but the scenario is absolutely fantastic,a poster for your living room or bedroom.Varenna is like a Queen from one side of the lake looking at the Princesses Menaggio and Tremezzo,next to the King Bellagio,which lies in the middle of the two arms.

3) Cernobbio - Simply the Presence of Villa d´Este (now a Luxury Hotel and Congress Center)
worth a visit to this picturesque town immediately after the city of Como,driving along the National Road Regina.Villa D´Este is something special,inspired the writer Ugo Foscolo,it was bought by the Princess of Wales,its gardens are absolutely amazing,a mixture of Neoclassic,Renaissance and Belle Epoque style,This Hotel-Villa so loved by the Russian Empress Maria Fedorova (she lived in this splendid building for about two years) is an authentic hymn to the essence of the beauty,all around and inside is practically perfect.
Cernobbio has an elegant lake promenade,a series of charming narrow streets,worth a visit the ancient church of San Vincenzo and the splendid Villa Erba a masterpiece of the 19th century with its great gardens.The strategic position is the right place for splendid cruise of the lake and also excursions to the nearest Monte Bisbino.

4) Menaggio - It is another jewel of Lake Como.Of ancient origin,this town was since ancient times one of the most distinguished resort for its position on a small promontory facing Bellagio.The historical centre is rich of charm,Menaggio is famous for its elegant hotels,excellent restaurants and Festivals,as the prestigious Menaggio Guitar Festival.In a corner of the promenade you can enjoy a magnificent view of the lake,with the splendid harbour and small houses perched on the hills.Historically Menaggio is very famous for its Villas located in Loveno a little village over the town,with the Villa D´Azeglio taking the name of the famous writer and patriot Massimo D´Azeglio and the wonderful Villa Mylius Vigoni,famous to contain important works by the distinguished Norwegian Sculptor Thorvaldsen the Scandinavian Antonio Canova,one of the most important neoclassic sculptor of the history,This Villa with another one Villa Garovaglio are property of Germany and they are used as centre of conventions and periodically as expositions.

5) Griante -Cadenabbia- Cadenabbia so loved bt Winston Churchill,Lord Byron,Manzoni and Stendhal,this place part of the municipality of Griante is also a wonderful place to enjoy Golf and naturally the beauty of the Lake landscapes,apart all that the several excursions all around Porlezza and Switzerland are very close.Griante.Cadenabbia started long time ago to be one of the favourite destination of British Aristocracy and later Tourists from Great Britain,here was founded the famous Hotel Britannia,Its magnificent position facing Bellagio from one side,the arm of the lake on the side,at the foot of mountains and very close to Tremezzo and Menaggio give this town the title to be one of the most favourite place on Lake Como for people wish a relaxing stay but at the same rime several facilities to enjoy sport activities and excursions.

6) Tremezzo .This little town is best known as a tourist resort,it was a favourite of Konrad Adenauer.One of the most visited tourist destinations in Tremezzo is the Villa Carlotta, the only historic villa with public access on the lake. This Villa is a neoclassical building which is built on steeply tiered ground.A majestic and charming building open to the public,the Villa is surrounded by a wonderful Italian garden with a graceful fountain in front of the villa’s entrance, exotic and rare plants, steps,fountains and sculptures .The Villa was built for the Milanese marquis Giorgio Clerici in 1690 facing the Bellagio peninsula.The views from Tremezzo are some of the most spectacular on the lake.The Villa contains inside the series of sculptures Amore e Psiche by the great Venetian Sculptor Antonio Canova.Tremezzo is a great place to take the ferry to Bellagio,to have a relaxing walking on the shores of the Lake and enjoying excellent restaurants with delicious local cuisine.

7) Lenno - A little paradise between Argegno and Tremezzo.This small town was one of the favourite by Romans to cultivate olives in terraces dominating the lake.Its picturesque position,a very charming small harbour and a romantic promenade in a peaceful athmosphere give Lenno the image of the typical symbol of the old town of the Lario where the time is just like in the work by writer Alessandro Manzoni,"I Promessi Sposi".Lenno is also famous for Villa Balbaniello one of the most spectacular and elegant Villas of the Lake,built on the yop of a small promontory,surrounded by marvellous Mediterranean gardens,this Villa built in the late 18th century hosted important guests as the writer Silvio Pellico,Alessandro Manzoni among others.Worth a mention the other Villa Cassinella,another splendid example of "Villa Comasca".Of historic interest worth a visit the the Abbey of of Acquafredda located in a charming position walking along a path crossing picturesque olive groves and the medieval churches of an Vincenzo and Santo Stefano.

8) Lecco-Picturesque town,where the Adda River meet the Lkae,next to another lake,smaller the Garlate Lake and in front of the majestic mountain Resegone.Lecco is a town with a splendid view in every corner you of the symbol of the cityis the charming Neoclassical Villa Manzoni and Palazzo Belgiojoso,today hosting a Museum.Lecco is a modern and active city today but thanks to its position is a fantastic place to enjoy water sports,also ski in the area of the Grigne Mountains and Piani di Resinelli is not far.From Lecco you can easily reach the nearest Bergamo province and its verdant valleys.

9)Lierna -No words when you visit Lierna.A wonderful oasis,which lies at the foot of the Grigne mountains and embraced by the waters of the lake.This little town is a jewel of thee lake,famous for its Mediterranean vegetation but in particular for its wonderful kind of Magnolia.Very close to Varenna,Lierna is also famous for its noble Villas,Pini and Besana.For its strategical position Lierna was originally a Celtic settlement and later Latin and Roman.Its small medieval centre gives the visitor sensations of peace and admiration with its beautiful houses and narrow streets.

10)Dervio - A little paradise on the Arm of Lecco,the Oriental side of the Lake.Dervio is a great place,where the high  mountains are practically over the shores of the lake.A mecca for the windsurfers and watersport lovers,the peninsula of Dervio is very particular is like a mouth kissing the lake.This town on the delta of the River Varrone is famous for its gastronomy,the Lavarello (fish of the lake) is absolutely delicious.Very picturesque the medieval castle Castello di Orezia and some churches of relevant value.Another highlight in Dervio is Festival of Comic Cinema,an event of International fame and prestige celebrated every year in this town dominated by the Mount Legnoncino.

11)Laglio -Apart the popularity to be the town where Mr.George Clooney lives in the marvellous Villa Oleandra,,Laglio is a splendid place,peaceful with an unforgettable view on the lake,very close is Il Buco dell´Orso,a mysterious grotto on the top of a hill.This grotto is today unexplored in its major part.This small town was the residence of noble German Families the Franck and Heinz,who built wonderful villas.The promenade on the lake is amazing and looking over you,another magnificent view with hills packed of of Mediterranean vegetation.

12) Nesso -A very small town half way between Como City and Bellagio.Its picturesque aspect with its small houses perched on a hill and the coast with gently curves on the lake gives Messo a particular charm.The town is so famous for the "Cascata dell´Orrido" a cascade of two rivers the Nosé and Tuf inside the mountain.This cascade is absolutely spectacular and gave inspiration Leonardo Da Vinci when the Tuscan Master mentioned Nesso in its famous work Atlantic Code.Nesso is particularly indicated for all people loves water sports and relax on the shores of the lake,but also for people fond of trekking,mountain bike and long walks in the nature tanks to its proximity to wonderful valleys as the Val Nusée,The area is also rich of mineral sources and grottoes,famous the Masera Grotto and the others situated very close to Piani del Tivano.a mountain area not far from Nesso.

13) Mandello del Lario -Very close to Lecco,Mandello del Lario is so famous for the Moto Guzzi Industry and for thee museum dedicated to these glorious bikes."Mandel" as the locals call the town is one of the most panoramic point of the low Lecco arm.The small harbour and the promenade of Mandello del Lario are fantastic to enjoy relax and an unforgettable view of the lake and the Grigne mountains.Very interesting and worth a visit the medieval church of San Giorgio and the Sanctuary of Madonna del Fiume (the Virgin of the river).I suggest a spectacular excursion to Piani di Resinelli at 1,300 m of altitude,a winter sport resort,ideal place if you want to learn skiing.

Other towns I suggest to visit Colico and Domaso at the end of the Lake,wild nature,fantastic landscapes,the Lake ends embracing the mountains and the nearest valleys are so pleasant to explore.Very picturesque also the other small towns of Ossuccio,Isola Comacina,authentic peaceful oasis of peace just like Argegno located on a small curve of the lake,where you can see the real silhouette of one arm of the Lario.Bellano on the Lecco side and Dongo on the Como side are two other beautiful places to enjoy,here you can admire how the mountains embrace the lake and you are in the high Lario,excellent places for winter sports and to admire a colour of the water very different than the low section.All the Lake is a paradise,I simply suggest some to choose for an unforgettable future holidays,I strongly recommend to this simply splendid destination.

Francesco Mari

Emilia Romagna - 4th Region Most visited in Italy.

After Veneto,Lazio and Tuscany,the Region of Emilia Romagna is the 4th Region most visited in Italy. It is not a mistery, three UNESCO Patrimony sites presents in Ferrara,Modena and Ravenna,a rich past of Cultural History as Bologna,magnificent city,famous to have one of the most ancient University of the World,its nightlife and its smart aspect is one of the most loved Italian Cities.The 14% of the Italians and the 4,3% of the foreign tourists coming to Italy choose this Region as favourite destination and not only Rimini and the Adriatic Coast in Summer,the cultural tourism has a long and noble tradition in this part of Italy.

Ravenna is the Capital of the World of mosaics and the interest is always great for this magnificent city,Capital in the 402 of the Western Roman Empire and where is buried Dante Alighieri father of the Italian language,very visited from all Europe,Far East,Middle East,America and Oceania.The other cities,Ferrara Parma,Piacenza,Modena,Reggio Emilia,Cesena,also Rimini (not only for summer holidays) are masterpieces of Medieval Art,culture,events and gastronomy and Faenza is one of the most visited cities about ceramic production with a prestigious fame in Art, this Region is the birthplace of Correggio,Parmigianino and the Brothers Carracci great exponents of the Mannerism.

This Region is one of the most visited by Motorsports lovers,Ferrari,Lamborghini, Maserati and De Tomaso are made in Emilia Romagna,(the first made in Maranello.Modena,the second made in Sant´Agata Bolognese not far from Bologna,the third made in the Region Capital Bologna,the last one is a Modenese product) We have not to forget Ducati,a legend of motorbikes made in Bologna.Borgo Panigale, these brands attracted every period of the years fans worlwide to admire Museums,visiting Establishments and exposition in this region Capital of Motorsports and Luxury Cars.

Excellent the Sport Tourism in other areas,Emilia Romagna has two clubs in the Football Serie A,Bologna and Parma,further more prestigious clubs in the leagues of Basket,Volley and Baseball.

In another art,music,Emilia Romagna is a Queen of Concert Tourism,thanks to some of the most famous Italian Rock Stars as Vasco Rossi,Zucchero Fornaciari and Luciano Ligabue among others,Opera in Parma at Regio Theatre an emblematic symbol of the Region and in other cities,due the great tradition of Opera in this part of Italy,Giuseppe Verdi,ArturoToscanini and Luciano Pavarotti to mention some great artists were born in Emilia Romagna.Festivals of music are several,about Jazz,Bologna is with Spoleto the most important Italian city,for great live shows and this region is also a Capital of another art : the Cinema,Important Cinema Directors were born here : Federico Fellini (5 Oscars) but also Bertolucci,Moretti,Pupi Avati and Pasolini,this tradition generated several events and festivals.

Probably Emilia Romagna is the gastronomical capital of Italy,not only for the prestigious products exported worldwide as Parmigiano Reggiano,Grana Padano,Aceto Balsamico di Modena,pasta in  every kind as tagliatelle,ravioli,tortellini,cappelletti,lasagne and cannnelloni are made in Emilia Romagna just like the famous "ragú",apart all that in this Region is a great destination to taste distinguished wines as Sangiovese,Lambrusco,Trebbiano and many other wines in every provinces,delicious cheeses and cakes.Very popular also the Spa Tourism.Salsomaggiore to mention a name is a destination known worldwide.

This 4th position is a hymn to the beauty of this Region and it is fantastic to meet in the street people from other countries saying Ravenna is amazing,Modena is wonderful,Parma is a little treasure and Ferrara is marvellous.The tourists perfectly know what is wonderful  (Chinese and Russian tourism is grown up  with regard to this destination,thanks to the excellent work of the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board) and despite the heart quake not long time ago,tourists continue to visit this great and unique region and this 4th position is great if you think this Region receives more tourists than Lombardy,which has Milan,Lake Como,Lake Maggiore,and one side of Lake Garda or Piedmont with Turin,Alps and the beautiful Western coast of Lake Maggiore.

It is a proud for the Region and its inhabitants to be so popular all around the World,a 4th position in Italy,it is an award to this magnificent destination called Emilia Romagna.
Francesco Mari

Top 40 Italian Squares- Some squares you can not miss to admire in Italy.

Italy is a mosaic of wonderful architectonic masterpieces,due different civilisations ruled in the Italic Peninsula. Monuments,Buildings,Museums are everywhere and another monumental and important aspect is its magnificent squares.Here a list of the most beautiful and charming square (in my opinion) of Italy.Leave a comment,your opinion and your list.Glad to read your preferences.

1) Piazza San Pietro - Rome
2) Piazza San Marco -Venice
3) Piazza Della Signoria -Florence
3) Piazza Navona - Rome
4) Piazza Del Campo-Siena
5) Piazza Duomo -Milan 
6) Piazza Dei Miracoli - Pisa
7) Piazza Del Popolo -Rome
8) Piazza Pretoria - Palermo
9) Piazza Maggiore - Bologna
10) Piazza Del Plebiscito -Napoli
11) Piazza Unitá D´Italia - Trieste
12) Piazza Delle Erbe -Verona
13) Piazza Di Spagna -Rome
14) Piazza Ducale - Vigevano
15) Piazza Castello - Turin
16) Piazza Venezia - Rome
17) Piazza Vecchia -Bergamo
18) Piazza Brá - Verona
19) Piazza De Ferrari -Genoa
20) Piazza Del Duomo- Siena
21) Piazza Duomo - Catania
22) Piazza Duomo - Trento
23) Piazza Grande - Arezzo
24) Piazza Del Duomo -San Gimignano
25) Piazza Del Popolo - Ascoli Piceno
26) Piazza Grande - Modena
27) Piazza Duomo -Cremona
28) Piazza Del Comune -Assisi
29) Piazza IV Novembre - Perugia
30) Piazza IX Aprile - Taormina
31) Piazza Del Duomo - Lecce
32) Piazza Della Libertá - Udine
33) Piazza Galimberti - Cuneo
34) Piazza Sordello - Mantua
35) Piazza Del Duomo - Orvieto
36) Piazza Trento Trieste Ferrara
37) Piazza Duca Federico -Urbino
38) Piazza Duomo - Parma
39) Piazza Dei Signori - Vicenza
40) Piazza Anfiteatro - Lucca

Francesco Mari

Ski Resorts and Places to Enjoy Holidays and Winter Sports in Italy in the Alp.My Top 15.

 Alps a paradise for Winter Holidays Lovers in Italy too.Create your Top 15 in order of preference,here it is my Top 15 about Italian Ski & Winter Sports Resorts to enjoy unforgettable Holidays in the Alps with our friends Mountains and Snow.

1) Madonna di Campiglio
2) Cervinia Breuil
3) Courmayeur
4) Cortina d´Ampezzo
5) Sestriere
6) Corvara & Alta Badia
7) Ortisei
8) Bormio
9) Gressoney la Trinité
10) Livigno
11) La Thuile
12) Santa Caterina Valfurva 
13) Macugnaga 
14) San Vigilio di Marebbe
15) Alagna Valsesia

Leave comments and your preferences.Create a Top about your tastes,reasons,thinking why and so on.Have all a great day.

Francesco Mari

Remembering with a Happy Birthday Mrs Grace Kelly,unforgettable Princess of Monaco in her Birthday Today.

Today 12th November 2012 is the birthday of Mrs Grace Kelly,unforgettable Princess of Monaco and great American Actress.A wonderful woman in all her essence and beauty,who gave the World a great image and example of a Lady of immense class,extreme elegance and inimitable style, an emblematic symbol of the Principality of Monaco.

From Philadelphia where this Great Lady was born on 12th November 1929 to her beloved Monaco,it is a duty for all the World to remember this wonderful woman left 30 years ago.

Happy birthday Princess Grace,all the World remember you for ever for what you were.

Francesco Mari   

New York -Tourism and Modern Art with Andy Warhol at the Met until the 31st December 2012.

New York,this great city,it is the metropolis where Andy Warhol lived and where he had more inspirations for his masterpieces of imaginative creations in the context of the Pop Art this kind of art,which has in the  Artist from Pittsburgh probably the most distinguished exponent.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art pays tribute to one of the most relevant and distinguished Masters of Modern Art with the Exhibition "Regarding Warhol Sixty Artists,Fifty Years,a great event will show you all the talent of this Genius.

To understand Warhol,we have to come back to his first professional activities,when the artist began to work as a graphic and advertising designer for magazines such as Bazaar and Vogue.Son of Czech Immigrants(real name Andrew Warhola),probably in his Czech blood there was something about the influence of Frantisek Kupka the graphic and abstract painter one of the fathers of the Abstract Art Movement,although the artist from Pennsylvania took many inspirations from Leonardo,an universal artist venerated by Warhol to Munch,from the Master of Metafisica School Giorgio De Chirico,who transmitted him some keys of Surrealism to Renaissance Painters as Botticelli,Perugino and Raphael for the use of colours and perspectives.  

Warhol linked in an unique group all those inspirations to create an art able  to surprise,amaze and in many cases to shock as well.The Pop Art is an exaltation of the Minimalism,Irony,Satire and satire and parody of something or in some cases someone,the Pop Art is also a particular Visual promotion of an object transforming that in Publicity and Advertising,the Pop Art is also for many people Kitsch for the irony of the author of a work to give something a particular appearance in a particular moment or context or environment.

Andy Warhol was all that,an object,a vehicle,a car,a simple wall or a couple of bottles became protagonists of the scenario,our interpretation after is to understand if the representations of this artist is a critic,a satire,a provocation,irony to be unfashionable or not very trendy.

Even people represented by Warhol in several works as Marylin Monroe have had different opinions,,if it was a hymn to the beauty of the actress,or a critic to her expressions,or simply to transmit the past,the Pop Art is in some occasions a goodbye to the past,existing only the present,despite the influences an artist has had.The Pop Art of Warhol was also mediatic,his studies and his first work experience in the advertising market,reproduced then in works were used as posters,posters,spots,advertising channels for businesses or companies in their marketing strategies, both at the level of their promotion or at the level to diminish or erase the competitors.

New York is the city where Warhol founded the Factory,in the year 1963,an institution which called several personalities of the NYC culture,creative and extravagant people,artists,people of different artistic ideas,people wanted something new and different.The impact of Andy Warhol on the society has always been unpredictable and many often did not understand why that or this,but the pop art in the mind of this artist had to be even this.

The Exhibition,Regarding Warhol,Sixty Artists,Fifty Years is in short all that,divided in five sections is a series of works by the artist,such as paintings,sculptures and documentations of Warhol and other artists,just like a conversation a chat between artists of different generation with different opinions,philosophy,contrasts and critics.

Warhol introduce the visitors about his vision of daily life,the concept of Kitsch represented and obtained from newspaper articles and magazines, and then reproduced in its own way in his paintings,the transmission of the American Culture in the 60s,the love of the artist for one of its favourite object,such as tins and boxes of food,vegetables and drinks.

further more you can admire some of the other great works by Warhol as the famous retract of Marylin Monroe,"Turquoise Marylin" but also others as Red Jackie both painted in the year 1964 in contrast with others more contemporary. In other sections you will discover other aspects of the Warhol art represented in iconic picture as the Monna Lisa,the representation of a National American Sport as the Baseball,the connection of Warhol with other arts as the Cinema and the Entertainment but also his relations with the business,the design,and the creative environments.

During this visit at the Met next to the Warhol works you can admire other works by different artists as Richard Avedon,Cindy Sherman,Alex Katz,Christopher Wool and Catherine Opie among others.

Learning more about Pop Art and this great artist called Andy Warhol is discover more the NYC of the 60s an important period of the American Society and of New York.All that influenced after over 40 years this beautiful city,which is always a pleasure to visit and enjoy in this occasion,admiring this great exhibition dedicated to one of the Master of the Pop Art : Andy Warhol.

Francesco Mari

SEMO PARIS 2012 -Internet,Services,Marketing,Mass Media and New Technologies Fair from 14th to 15th November 2012.

Paris will hold from the 14th to 15th November.SEMO 2012,an important fair dedicated to the New Technologies related to the Marketing,Mass Media,Internet and Services Online.

The Parisian event is undoubtedly an unmissable event for all those who work in these areas due to the high quality of products presented and introduced by the best experts in the world present at Palais des Congrés de Paris Porte Maillot,the modern Congress Center of the French Capital.

SEMO is a fair focused to enlarge the skills to all the Marketing Operators in their studies of analysis ,exploring new channels of solutions to manage and launch campaigns with important goals and to open new cycles set on the most modern technological lines and trendy there are on the market today .

The Exhibition organised by Tarsus France thanks the presence of the most important experts of the Industry is an open door to find infinitive solutions in innovation,from the creation of a name,brand of products to apply and display online with the most trendy methods of technology and communication.

A great opportunity to discover further more new aspects and unique details in an area,which is today essential part of different economies,SEMO is a relevant key to discover new businesses and new markets.

Paris the magnificent " Ville Lumierè"is a great destination to enjoy this city,one of the most charming and captivating cities in the world,as is captivating SEMO for its absolute high quality of professionally and for its value in terms of technology and trend.

Francesco Mari

Andrea Bocelli and London.Two Days of Unforgettable Music Under the Big Ben,on 14th and 15th November 2012.

Andrea Bocelli,a name simply means beautiful music.The great Tuscan singer will delight the city of London on 14th and 15th November 2012 with two spectacular concerts at O2 Arena.These two wonderful days of music will be the last about his successful Tour in Great Britain and Ireland before to start another one in USA.

The magnificent tenor from Lajatico with his unique voice will be one of the great attractions in in the  city of the Big Ben.Andrea Bocelli a natural tenor but with an immense talent able to fuse different kinds of music in hos such as Opera,Classical Music,Modern and Folk Music,Luciano Pavarotti the unforgettable Master was his inspiration,the great Enrico Caruso an idol and the music his great love,this art he always wants to share with the World.

The Star from Lajatico once again will transmit wonderful sensations and vibrations to all the people will have the opportunity to admire him to the wonderful Venue O2 Arena at North Greenwich and in these two evenings the sky of London will have a star more : Andrea.

 London is the right place,the ideal splendid city to close his Tournée in Europe before to conquer the people and fans from United States of America with his next concerts at San José-California,Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, ,Rosemont-illinois,New York and Sunrise-Florida.

Over 70 millions of albums sold all around the World are not a case : Andrea conquers the people from all the globe simply because today is one of the voices can transmit the beauty of music in its total essence, also for that, London,a priority destination in the Tourism Industry to enjoy all year,one of the most beautiful cities in the world has one reason more to be visited in these two days of unforgettable music..

Francesco Mari

Cortina d’ Ampezzo | Great Booking Exploit for Summer

  Cortina d’ Ampezzo , famous, upscale summer and winter sport resort well known for its jet set, aristocratic crowd, luxury shops, elite ac...