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Virgin Atlantic Holidays | London Heathrow Airport Including Free Lounge in Special Package Offer | Selected Departures & Destinations


Virgin Atlantic Holidays | London Heathrow Airport Including Free Lounge in Special Package Offer | Selected Departures & Destinations

The famous Tour Operator Virgin Atlantic Holidays founded in 1985 con its headquarter at Crawley - UK is always very active in launching offers, proposals and promotions of packages.

The latest concerns the inclusion of Lounge No1 located in Terminal 3 at London's Heathrow Airport for all those who book holidays with destination Dubai, the US cities of New York and Las Vegas,the Maldives and Caribbean destinations such as Jamaica and Saint Lucia.

This offer is valid until 31 May 2024 and for departures until 31 January 2025.

An offered package in Economy Classic flight with destination Dubai until November 2024 with two nights at the Hotel Towers Rotana starting from £ 559 per person with lounge included.

A further package is concerning New York which in addition to the lounge access includes a three-night stay at the Hotel Aloft New York with a Price starting from £ 649 for all those who wish to enjoy this offer in January 2025.

Virgin Atlantic Holidays is also already selling flights from Heathrow with offers valid until May 14th.

The flight offer include the United States of America with different destinations such as the Californian cities of Los Angeles at £424 or San Francisco at £428, Florida cities such as Miami at £422, Orlando at £424, Tampa at £409 and other US destinations such as New York at £353, Boston at £385, Seattle at £508 and Las Vegas at £ 571.

Other international destinations have been included in this flight offer as Dubai at a price of £459, Mumbai at £479, Bahamas at £588, Jamaica at £556 and Maldives at £455.

Undoubtedly, attractive offers both in terms of packages and flights that inspire you to spend a few days in the British capital or also for  or very interesting for all those who travel for business and then taking advantage of these services offered with departure from London Heathrow Airport.

Morocco | High Growth Rates in Incoming Tourism in 2024


Morocco | High Growth Rates in Incoming Tourism in 2024

Morocco in the first quarter of the year 2024 had a strong increase in incoming tourism rates which bodes well for the rest of the year.

According to analyses with concrete data managed by DEPF, the direction of studies and financial forecasts of the North African country, the local tourism industry is growing strongly with an increase of 12.8% in 2023 in the first quarter, very positive signs since continuing with these results in 2024 that are including better will be a record year.

Arrivals in the first three months were 3,3 million and far exceeded pre-pandemic levels by 31.6%, always considering the first quarter and with the increase in international tourism, it is to exceed the 13.2 million tourists received in 2023, which in turn exceeded the 12.9 million visitors received in 2019.

The monthly percentages were also indicated, which saw an increase of +10.4% in January,+17.9% in February and an increase of +10.2% in March.

These data confirm the almost total recovery of sectoral added value and the DEPF declares with these details that this value is quantified at 98.3% of its pre-crisis level, which has largely exceeded the 80.5% of the previous year.

Tourism revenues, already in November 2023 at an economic level, had reached very remarkable figures of 9.8 billion dollars, equivalent to an increase on the annual basis of +15.8% and there is a lot of hope in the following years in view of the World Cup that will be hosted by the Maghreb country in partnership with Portugal and Spain.

The current increase and this very important sporting event send strong signals for an ever-growing tourism.

 The historical, artistic, cultural heritage, seaside tourism, natural beauty are great local resources and Morocco seems ready with the excellent signs of the beginning of the year to experience a year of record incoming tourism.



Loazzolo – Asti | Art, history, captivating Landscapes and a Divine Moscato DOC Wine


Loazzolo – Asti | Art, history, captivating Landscapes and a Divine Moscato DOC Wine

Piedmont is always a great destination to spend a stay, holidays, discovering new  attractions with its inmense historic and cultural patrimony including  enjoying small centres as Loazzolo, a little town in the picturesque Langhe, a hilly land in the province of Asti which boast great medieval references and elite wines that have conquered the world for their excellent quality.

 Loazazolo lies on a hill at an altitude of 430.0 meters in a very scenic territory with vast forests of chestnut trees, strains of wild rosemary and prickly pears alternate with the ideal habitat to grow along tuffaceous slopes all that next vineyards cultivated on terraces which produce a  divine local  Moscato Bianco DOC, evocative images that conquer the visitor at first sight.

The town was historically well known already in Roman times with the name Lupatolium for the presence of wolves that lived near cliffs and wild corners of this picturesque geographical area of Piedmont. In the Middle Ages Loazzolo was a fief of influential noble families such as Aleramici, Del Vasto, Del Carretto, Busca, Scarampi and then became integral part of the Kingdom of Piedmont and Sardinia with the Royal Savoys.

You can start to discover the local beauties, in one of its most evocative peripheral stretches, the hamlet of Falchetto where you will enjoy a wonderful image of the confluence of the Bormida and Belbo valleys in front of Cossano Belbo a very attractive place where  the beautiful province of Cuneo practically begins.

You can continue the visit stopping at the suggestive Church of Santa Libera surrounded by picturesque hills and vineyards, a religious building of the Middle Ages erected on a circular apse with a beautiful bell tower that completes a small and very attractive medieval complex. Through extensive territories cultivated with vineyards, it will be possible to see the silhouette of the country church dedicated to San Sebastiano  on the horizon with beautiful views of the villages of the Bormida Valley.

You will then reach the very characteristic, historic center with charming stone houses and picturesque cobblestone streets that intersect around the beautiful Parish Church of Sant' Antonio Abate  erected in the late 15th century, an ecclesiastical temple with three naves with a tripartite façade flanked by a beautiful bell tower built previously.

nside you can admire fine art works as a wooden statue of the Madonna with Baby Jesus made in the 18th century, a valuable cycle of paintings from 1837 depicting the Via Crucis by the artist Michelangelo Ramello  and an important organ built in 1870 by the master Collino, donated by Monsignor Ravone buried in the same church.

In the immediate vicinity stands the small Church of San Francesco, once the Oratory of the Disciplinati and ending the visit by admiring on a slope what remains of the 13th local fortress destroyed in the 15th century that with its walls surrounded the village of Loazzolo, controlling it at every cardinal point.

Foollowing this very pleasant historic – cultural journey you can visit a wine estate  where the fine Moscato Bianco DOC. di Loazzolo is produced, a wine which is exclusively created in this municipality in a territory where the grapes suitable to give life to this sweet wine masterpiece are grown in three places chosen in a vast area of 150 hectares considered perfect for the production of Moscato.

The local vineyards  have a south-west exposure, grafted at  an altitude of 450.0 meters with a slope of 30%, cultivated in a Guyot Basso  training system and as in more remote times on stone walls, others obtained from land torn from wooded areas and uncultivated spots, sometimes harsh and wild.

The harvest phase will then be transmitted with a harvest of the fruits of the vine that still takes place today with the old traditional methods, that is, bunch by bunch, starting the operations in mid-October and continuing until the day of the Immaculate Conception at the end of November, when the bunches of grapes still present on the vine are deflowered by Botritis Nobile  , purchasing a Straw yellow in colour with a tendency to golden.

The harvested grapes follow important stages, they are vey carefully selected before being exposed on the characteristic racks to acquire intensity in terms of scent and aroma, losing the water concentrates present in the berries during the drying process.

Even the crushing is done faithfully to the old systems to overcome the loss of aroma and flavor linked to the harmony of the senses in terms of smell and taste. The vinification process with the must obtained is subject to fermentation that takes place in oak barrels of not big dimensions with a total capacity of 225 liters-barriques acquiring the "Loazzolo" denomination only after two years of permanence in the cellar.

 The local vineyards do not give very high quantities of grapes,which is why production is very limited today but their sugar quality is undoubtedly above average, generated 100% from aromatic Moscato Bianco grape varieties with an effective alcohol content of 12% vol..

The Loazzolo DOC. recognition was officially acquired by decree on April 14, 1992 with publication in the Official Gazette on the 27th of the same month and year. 

If you check a bottle to the eye to verify the hue of the Loazzolo you will notice a clear yellow with bright and sparkling shades, the flavor is sweet with various affinities to other types of Moscato, the smell is intense transmitting hints of vanilla and musk rather persistent.

In the gastronomic field, as an accompanimen, this wine considered peculiar in its kind, classified as "meditative" and also "seductive"  for the sensations it transmits. It is excellent next to spicy cheeses such as aged goat cheese, Goose Liver Pates, at the end of a dinner in combination with a dessert and varied pastries, superlative if combined with cakes or desserts made with walnuts and zabaglione.

It’s time to enjoy your lunch and you will be delighted by the excellent, local cuisine. Very suggested are  Purple Potato Gnocchi or Risotto with Barbera and Sausages while some good options among the second courses could be between Veal with Tuna Sauce with Mixed Vegetables or Roast Pork with Green Beans all that accompanied by excellent local wines.

A trip to the Langhe Astigiane is always a pleasure, enjoying historical places of great interest, very captivating, pleasant landscapes and the opportunity to taste fine wines including the excellent Moscato di Loazzolo DOC.

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Note : I hope that this itinerary with this information will be useful for your next trip as an approach to this beautiful land.


·       Please fo not hesitate to contact me for any further information you need

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