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Oslo -Norway -TIPS Top 10 Great Museums you can not miss Visiting Oslo.

Oslo is a city with a rich historic patrimony,culture and art make of Oslo a city ca not miss in your future destinations.I wrote a blog about Norwegian Capital and today I would like to suggest my Oslo Top 10 Museums you can not miss during your visit. I included 10 museums inside Oslo Urban City area and I  did not include Holmenkollen Ski Museum (20 minutes from Oslo) in the case you want to have some tips about this other extraordinary museum,you can find a blog I wrote not long time ago with regard Holmenkollen,Ski Jump,Nordic Winter Sports and so on.If you are an art lover,if you like travelling and you do not know this city,it is a great destination and Norway is a wonderful country. I recommend yo visit soon.

The Nasjonalgalleriet is probably the most relevant museum for the rich patrimony of the works it contains.This museum is of course one of the most important in Scandinavia,sometimes the visitors find this museum a little but unusual,because the paintings are not divided in periods and schools,so you will find a work by Dahl close to one from Rubens or a Van Gogh next to a Picasso.Curious but talking to some people in Norway  told me the Museum did that to create surprise and interest of the visitors,many rooms are based by topics,others not,but well if you are fond about art it is to see a painting of Flemish School next to a Impressionist,you can value the the evolution of art in the centuries.Further more this museum is so famous for the emblematic four versions of The Scream,this masterpiece painted in 1893 by the most distinguished Norwegian painter : Edvard Munch,you know then the history about this painting stolen in the 90s,exactly in the 1994 and refound by the Police some years later.Nasjonalgalleriet is so rich of masterpieces of every artistic school and period,here you can admire in its 60 rooms arranged on three floors artists works made hisotry such as Cezanne,Picasso,Rubens,Matisse, El Greco,Van Gogh,Gauguin,Renoir and many others,a mecca for art lover.

This Museum located in the Bygdoy Peninsula is a symbol of Norwegian history,culture and heritage.It is enough to think about these three Viking Ships displayed in the museum  are from the 9th century and they were found very close to the the Oslofjord in excellent state of conservation.The discover of the first ship is dated 1867.The Viking Ship had in the ancient Nordic Population a great value,it was not only a means of transport,it was also an important place for the celebrations of funerals of Kings,Queens and important personalities of the Viking civilisation.The great example of this kind of rite is in the Ship Oseberg dated 834,in this ship were found two rests of two Queens,one of them probably was the famous Queen Asa grandmother of the legendary King Harald I.In the Museum apart the other ships, Gokstad and Tune you can learn more about Viking history and culture admiring ornaments,utensils and a wide collection of artifacts.This museum is a proud of Oslo and it is one of the most visited of the city.   

This majestic park is one of the great attraction of Oslo.Located in Frogner Park the biggest green area of the city of Oslo,it is a superlative masterpiece of sculptures by Gustav Vigeland one of the most talented artists of Norway.Here you can admire in a magnificent walk over 200 sculptures Vigeland created in the first half of the 20th century.Vigeland wanted to represent the cycle of human life,touching different moods,periods,in a circle of feeling,sensations and artistic concepts representing all can happen in daily life,including moods,reactions and attitudes.The sculpture of Vigeland shows you adult,old,young people,including the famous angry child,one of the emblematic symbol of Oslo.The Monolith,the Source and the Wheel of the life with others are authentic masterpieces in granite of a man left this park to this city,unique in its kind in the world.

The Munch Museet is one of this kind of Gallery you can not miss when you are in this Scandinavian Capital.This museum is in the last years the most visited in Oslo,simply because it displays all the most important works of Edvard Munch.It is incredible the wide collection you can admire here,over 4,500 paintings and over 17,000 prints,practically the artistic life of this artist who donated all his career artistic works to Oslo and Norway.This Museum is a must because it is a walk along the life of this talented expressionist painter,here further more you can admire two other versions of painting the Scream.The Museum offers the visitor the opportunity to discover also letters,documents and objects of this Scandinavian artist,who conquered the world for his particular and unique talent.

A great attraction of Oslo in Bygdoy Peninsula.Located in a wide park this big open air museum is a fantastic walk in what is the Norwegian culture all time.Opened in 1894 is the oldest open air museum in this kind,it is houses buildings of different period (about 155 constructions coming from all Norway) and highlights are the famous Norwegian wooden churches the Stavkirche.This Museum pays tribute to a fantastic culture,  ,displaying tools,utensils,furniture,clothing,tapestries,ornaments and decorations from all the country including a great representation of the Sami culture. 

This museum is simply wonderful for the collection of ancient cultures,prehisotric and medieval and Viking objects,items from African and Asiatic countries but also several items from North America the time of the Native Americans.Some of the highlights is an exposition of Egyprian mummies,very interesting also a large collection of ancient coins,banknotes,antiquities and medals.

Simply talking about Thor Heyerdhal in Norway and not only,we are talking about epic and extraordinary travels of this Norwegian Navigator,famous for the legendary journey across the Pacific Ocean by his balsa wood raft in 1947.The Musem contains a renowed balsawood raft,remembering those famous 6923 km Heyerdhal sailed from South america,exaclty from Peru to Polynesia.In the Kon Tiki Museet the visitor can also admire others means of transport Heyerdhal used as the Ra II,legendary vessel crossed the Atlantic in 1970.The museum contains arefacts,archeological finds from South America,Galapagos Islans and Polynesia Polynesia,the permanent exhibition displays the models of the Kon Tiki,the Rai II but also of others
as the Tigris and the Fatu -Hiva and all the honours this Norwegian navigator received during his life,including an Oscar as best documentary.

Four names and a great Museum : Fridtjof Nansen,Otto Sverdrup and Roald Amundsen,the three great Polar explorers and the legendary polar ship Fram.This museum is simply fantastic because it offers the chance to admire the real ship in its original aspect including the interior and the visitor can come into this ship built in 1892.The ;Museum has a typical Polar aspect with pictures and figures of animals as bears and penguins,further more a wide exposition of documents,maps and stories of the travels to the North Pole,documentation about the dirigible Italia and the expedition to Greenland,including a wide collection of photos of those unforgettable times.

Another emblematic museum of Oslo.Museum and house of the most important figure of Norwegian culture Henrik Ibsen,poet,writer,playwright,a genius born in Skien in the Telemark area,who moved to Oslo where he had a brilliant artistic career as Theatre Director.The figure of Ibsen in Norway is the image of a national hero,it is enough to remember Ibsen is considered the pioneer and father of the Realism and the founder of the Modernism in the art of theatre.A great mind,who was inspiration of distinguished artists as Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw among others.The museum is arranged in the house where Ibsen lived for some years recreating the original apartment where this talented man spent his time.

This prestigious museum is one of the favourite of mosdern art lover,it is the biggest in Norway.The highlight of this gallery is a rich collection of relevant works by Pablo Picasso,Miró,Gris and others.If you love these artist and modern art Heine Onstad Kunstsenter is strongly recommended.

Enjoy Oslo and its magnificent museums.

Francesco Mari

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