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Trieste -Caffé Mozart -A Coffee,a Cigar,a Chat and a Glass of Wine Remembering the Charming Atmosfhere of the Austrian Empire in Trieste.

Trieste is one of the most beautiful Italian cities, very underrated for the fantastic patrimony this pearl
offers the visitors and I invite and strongly recommend to visit one day.Beautiful Baroque and Neoclassic buildings,a magnificent maritime promenade,its splendid castle of Miramare and the San Giusto Cathedral one of the most charming square in Italy,Piazza Unitá D´Italia.Trieste has always been an important cross point of different culture,Italians,Slovenians,Croatian,Austrian,European artists who when visited this wonderful city on the shores of the Northern Adriatic were totally surprised for the several attraction this city offers.Trieste has always had a strong Austrian influence,today I would like to introduce you a place to taste and enjoy in part that nostalgic times of that old Empire,the Austrian -Hungarian with the Hapsburg left in the "Cittá Giuliana",the Caffé Mozart.

Simply the name evokes the great composer,the Salzburg genius that apart all the people knows visited Trieste.The Caffé Mozart although founded in 2001,not long time ago is became an emblematic meeting point of locals and tourists,for many reasons,the tradition of the Cafes in Italy and also in Trieste is a must.
Trieste was one of the favourite cities in this corner of Europe,between the Venezia Giulia,the Istria,the
Eastern Mitteleurope and Austrian sphere.Vienna left here in Trieste a mark with regard the culture
sit down,relax,a chat,enjoy a coffee and every subject is good to start a conversation,that was the philosophy
the Hapsburg had,Trieste has totally assimilated this culture,the Cafe is an Institution here maybe more than other more popular cities.

The Caffé Mozart is located in Via Carducci,34 a short walk from Via Battisti,via Crispi and Piazza Goldoni,
a long avenue embracing Piazza Oberdan.This special Cafe has been able to recall in some details, the glorious past of the literary Cafe of the XIX century.Coming into the Cafe Mozart you can go back in time and discover some details ,in some furniture Belle Epoque,Baroque and Neoclassic but at the same time modern,eclectic and in part minimalist.The Caffé Mozart has on a red tapestry wall a golden frame depicting Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,the long bar area in dark wood colour is in perfect harmony with the light walls,the bar,offers a wide variety of wines from the famous wines from Piedmont as a sweet Moscato D´asti to a Feudi di Romans a typical local wine of the Isonzo Valley,a fine local Felluga or a Gewutz Traminer the popular wine famous in the areas of the old Austrian-Hungarian Empire from Hungary to Croatia from Austria to Czech Republic,Slovenia and Lombardy-Veneto Kingdom.

Another fantastic aspect of Caffé Mozart is the wonderful smell of coffee,pure aroma from the best mixture qualities of coffee With the most tasty coffee blends from Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala and Costa Rica prepared naturally with the typical and traditional Italian roasting(the famous tostatura),fantastic coffee in every kind,an espresso,a cappuccino,a doppio or a macchiato the coffee in Caffé Mozart is absolutely sublime according the best Italian tradition.You immediately understand in this Cafe the coffee is a religion or more for the several people enjoy this establishment at the bar or sitting at the tables for the quality to taste a real,delicious,aromatic coffee.In winter have a "corretto" with Grappa,in this corner of Italy the Grappa
is the best and Caffe Mozart offers you this chance with best Grappe of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Something more about Caffé Mozart ? You can enjoy several cocktails,the Caffé Mozart embraced Cuba and its culture offering the best variety of Cuban Cocktails of Trieste and snacks with a wide variety of mixed sandwiches,toasts and salads and more the Caffé Mozart has a room for smokers,ideal for who wants to smoke a cigarette and not to go outside.The Caffe Mozart is a great meeting point of many people is easy to find group of friends and many people to come in this Cafe to enjoy also the excellent pastry and chocolate products offered.

If you are planning to visit Trieste,I recommend to visit,stop in Caffé Mozart for a snack,for a coffee or for a glass of wine,enjoying this very nice Cafe.

Francesco Mari

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